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    You need to get the declaration page, fill in all what happened, and how cps stepped over your constitutional rights. As for Rose who thinks we need CPS if you think that every child that is taken by DCFS is abused or neglected you are sorely mistaken. A man who watched videos of boys being raped has walked free from court after claiming he had been trying to get over a break-up with his boyfriend at the time. The most recent bromance-defining film was “I Love You, Man” in which a desperate Paul Rudd forms a bromance with the more experienced Jason Segal. More common types of ‘sex tourism’ are now being replaced with ‘convenient and low risk’ online abuse of children in what investigators called an ‘alarming shift’. He told me to read the book More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. They told us that our daughter wouldn’t give them any names of family members to contact.

    I could not afford an attorney and so I simply told DHS they were violating my constitutional rights, that helped alot to back em off. It took my private attorney and $23,000 to get the 2 I had. So he did n they took him to rest of siblings. They placed her in foster care the same day they took her. And I WILL make a statement so loud and clear they will regret the day they messed with me and mine! However the daycare worker stated and wrote a statement that this was not true. My children were never returned to me and were placed with my daycare worker who petitioned to adopt them and lied about me and after less then 1 year my parental rights were terminated and she has adapted my girls. I have trusted that God will vindicate those who have been robbed of their God given rights.

    He will stop at nothing to destroy every soul in his path. If I don’t share it, then it will be lost forever. CPS then used the police report and declared him guilty despite the charges being dropped so that they could avoid him getting the children and place them in foster care. That when I found out that for every child that is adopted out our state gets $4000 – $6000 per child from the federal government and then each individual involved from DCFS gets a hefty bonus. After doing research I found out that DCFS is supposed to go above and beyond to find family members to place the child with. One question has anyone ever heard of getting an adoption reversed if you can prove DCFS lied and didn’t follow there policies at the time? By your comments you have never had to deal with DCFS. The patriarchal society which was created by men is a hierarchical society where men have organized themselves into a strict pecking order.

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