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    Question by K: Will foam gutter inserts work with a steel roof?
    Will foam gutter inserts work effectively in the winter with a steel roof? I am referring to products such as gutterstuff, rainfilter, etc. I am apprehensive when it comes to the snow and ice sliding off my metal roof in the winter. Will the product stop the snow from passing threw the gutters and tear my gutters completely off due to the weight of the snow? I live in an area that gets hit with winter storms every year.

    Any advice?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Comp-Elect
    No, It is designed to stop leaves and other debris from clogging your eavestrouphing. It is not designed to stop snow and ice buildup.

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “Will foam gutter inserts work with a steel roof?”

    1. Mad Dog says:

      Nothing you can use to cover your gutters to keep leaves and stuff out are going to
      help much with ice and snow buildup. Are you trying to stop snow buildup or are
      you trying to cover your gutters so leaves and other stuff does not get in?

      I live in Mass. and we get a lot of snow. I want to stop leaves from going in my gutters
      and 1st bought some of these plastic covers. They worked okay until it snowed and ice
      built up then they caved in. I used those for a few years and it kept my gutters cleaned
      but they always fell in during the winter so every year I had to go up and fix them.

      Well again if you are trying to keep your gutters clean I found an neat product that I just
      installed a month ago. It is a stainless steel gutter gaurd sold in 4 foot sections. They sell
      them for 5 and 7 inch gutters but the 5 inch one also worked on a set of gutters that were
      under 5 inches.

      All in all these worked great and they are not going to cave in during snow. No matter if
      I had covers on the gutters or not I always had snow and ice buildup. There is nothing that
      you can do to stop that I do not think.
      But these covers are great and were not really all that much money. You can buy 24 feet of
      them for 69.00 dollars.
      I bought mine on Amazon.com. The name they are listed under for a search are:

      LeafsOut Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Gaurds. If you go onto Amazon.com and look these
      up there are a bunch of photos of them in use. They were easy to install with sheet metal
      screws and seem they are going to last a long time.

      If you are looking to keep out leaves and other stuff these seem they are going to be a lot
      better then the plastic ones I used for the last couple years.

      If you are tyring to stop snow and ice buildup I am not sure what you can do about that.

    2. Gary says:

      Nothing you can use to protect your rain gutters to keep results in and things out are going to help much with ice and snowfall accumulate. Are you trying to quit snowfall accumulate or are you trying to protect your rain gutters so results in and other things does not get in? It is just designed to stop leaves and other debris in your house so i only advised you to go at Atlanta Roofing Contractors , they are experts of roofing.

    3. All About Gutters says:

      I am a Licensed Gutter Contractor and a GutterGlove Dealer in NJ. I wouldn’t recommend foam for the same reasons already answered plus it can freeze solid in the gutter in winter months, you may take a look at GutterGlove Ice Breaker which is the only protection system with built in heating system. Apart from melting the ice over and around your gutter area it also keeps the downspouts heated and your gutter system completely clean.

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