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    Question by Jak-Jak: will a rain collector work if it is placed in the open as opposed to under a gutter?
    i want to place my rain collector under some trees instead of next to my house under the gutter. i was wondering if anyone had tried this and if it work just as well or not so good?

    Best answer:

    Answer by don_sv_az
    Unless you can work out a way for the gutter to reach under the trees you will only be collecting the rain from an area equal to the top of your collector. From the gutters you are collect all or most of the area of your entire roof.

    I need 3/8″ of rain to fill up my 650 gallon tubs from the gutters.

    To fill them up without the gutters would require 14 inches of rain. I live in a desert I probably don’t get 14 inches of rain in 2 years.

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    Seahorse Drainpipe
    rain gutter
    Image by Rosa Say
    This one was taken with my iPhone: I thought this was such a clever yet functional attention-getter for this sheet metal craftsman.

    Next two photos are of his place too.

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