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    Question by kevin: When you install a gutter should it be at an angle at all or level?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Master Boozer
    It should be angled down slightly at the drain end. If you have a down spout at both ends, you can leave it level.

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    rain gutter
    Image by LibAmanda

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    9 Responses to “When you install a gutter should it be at an angle at all or level?”

    1. Moe Green says:

      the way most gutters are made it should be level to hold the most amount water

    2. John says:

      It should slope slightly downwards towards the outlet. If there is an outlet at each end, then it should still slope towards each outlet. It should never be level because detritus is washed down from the roof and needs to be flushed away. If you use a spirit level you will see the additional marks; that’s what they are for, to give you a gentle gradient.

    3. DustinDawind says:

      Rain gutters are not intended to hold water, they are intended to carry water to the ground and away from your house. They do need a slight slope to ensure that they flow. The recommended slope is generally 1/4″ per foot sloping down toward a downspout.

    4. BIG JD says:

      Hey you need to slope your rain gutter 1/2 inch for every 10 feet. Make the highest point of your gutter 1 1/4 inches below your metal drip-edge flashing. Use a chalk line to go from the highest point to the lowest point and connect your brackets every 16 inches on the stud. For gutter lengths over 40 feet… Start in the middle for your highest point and work to each side.

    5. John Darmanin says:

      The rain gutter manufacturer should be able to provide a minimum slope to the gutter. It should never be level. Water will never drain properly which could cause freeze damage during winter. General rule of thumb is 1/8 inch slope per foot of length.

    6. Pete J says:

      If it’s plastic then the fall to where the drain is going to be ; is 10mm every 5m in length!
      So 10m = 20mm
      And holding up brackets every 500mm
      I put them in with stainless steel self tapping screws square drive type as they don’t rust & can easily be removed if need be!


    7. Levi says:

      Definitely let it slope a little towards the drain.

    8. FRANK says:

      It should be PITCHED towards the DRAIN!

    9. ex.libris says:

      Oh hai!

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