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    Question by kapustafooz: What’s an easy and inexpensive way to stop rain gutters from leaking at the seams?
    I thought there’d be some kind if gutter sealant in the hardware store, but when I went there to inquire, the guy said they didn’t carry any, and besides they don’t work that well. Any opinions on this or suggestions about repairs?

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    Answer by sortaclarksville
    Try a thin layer of roofing tar on the inside of the gutter at the seams (would be pretty ugly if you put it on the outside).

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    5 Responses to “What’s an easy and inexpensive way to stop rain gutters from leaking at the seams?”

    1. jim in arziona says:

      What type of gutter??? Aluminum really expands and contracts, tough to keep joints sealed. I have used roof tar on the inside of the joints, works for a couple of years. RV’s use a flexible sealer on their roofs, might work well. Check with a RV dealer

    2. Jim says:

      The guy at the hardware store was wrong. There is a butyl caulk that is VERY common, used to seal the inside seams and drops of guttering. Make sure the gutters are clean and dry when you use it. (It is also very inexpensive).

    3. TB28 says:

      yes there is a caulk made for gutters, flashing, etc. Get it at lowe’s, etc. should do the trick, but on a side note you might want to look into why they are leaking at the seams. if the gutter is not sloped properly, water is just going to stand in the gutter, which will cause it to leak.. whereas if the water was flowing freely it would be less likely to leak.

    4. Pengy says:

      Silicone caulk on the inside, it stays resilient and contracts and expands enough to not have the seal broken

    5. John himself says:

      Clear silicon caulk. Get the real thing. Go to a different hardware store. Those people are to dumb.

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