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    Question by maisher81: what is the best way to fix this problem?
    after it rains out build up next to our house and on the sidewalks, I know the side walks are needing to be slightly slanted the other way so water runs away from the house, that is one problem. Between the house and sidewalk is about a foot of grass that gets flooded also. what is the best way to get that to go away from the house. what kind of fill would be best under the sidewalk to slant it, and would I just do a tarp and crushed rock next to the house with a little bit of slant to keep the water away from the house? please help

    Best answer:

    Answer by Bowie
    Do you have rain gutters with at least 4 foot extensions on your house? If not, they would help get the water away from the house. But there will always be some water collecting in the low spots when it rains.

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