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    Question by SugarSparkleChild: what is a box gutter?
    How effective is it?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Sheila
    A gutter that runs between and services two sections of roof. They are prone to overflowing and leaking (at my house anyway!).

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “what is a box gutter?”

    1. Rebel1 says:

      A box gutter, parallel gutter, or trough gutter is a rain gutter on a roof usually rectangular in shape; it may be lined with metal, asphalt, or roofing felt, and may be concealed behind a parapet or the eaves, or in a roof valley.If properly installed they can be an effective means of dealing with rainwater on the roof of your home.

    2. nosdda says:

      It is square guttering, commonly called “Box ” because of its shape.

    3. Noman says:

      Box gutter is made up of metal , and is used in buiding to keep buildings save from water demage, if you are plaining to install one such gutter, you should definatly contact http://www.asggutter.com/

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