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    Question by CHAVALITA: What Are Alternatives To Installing Rain Gutters?? Can’t Afford To Have Them Installed.?

    Best answer:

    Answer by johntindale
    The most obvious answer is to do nothing and let the water run off the roof- but you may want to check and see if you have any local codes, covenants, or association rules that may require you to have gutters. You may not have a choice.

    You can always DIY, and install your own gutters and downspouts…

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    Rainhandler – Above the Door.
    rain gutter
    Image by sponng
    The Rain Handler! www.rainhandler.com
    An Alternative to gutters. You ca see my refelction in the deck door window.

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “What Are Alternatives To Installing Rain Gutters?? Can’t Afford To Have Them Installed.?”

    1. ED SNOW says:

      Must be expensive in USA. Every roof in UK has guttering, if you can DIY, it is cheap.

    2. kayak says:

      Many homes in dryer areas of the U.S. are not built with gutters. Gutters are handy to:
      1) Control the flow of water into plantings
      2) Keep water away from a foundation – particulalry important when there is a basement.

      Gutters are a huge nuisance if you have trees that shed leaves in the fall.

      Without gutters I would simply install a rain diverter on the roof above each exterior door. This keeps someone from entering or leaving thru a sheet of rain water.

    3. Paul C says:

      you can install “L” shaped sheet metal on the roof (over doorways) to divert water away. this will allow you to approach a door with little water, but concentrates the water right and or left. consider plastic do it yourself rain gutters at you local home improvement store. I installed 24 feet of gutter with downspout in less than two hours. The project was affordable.

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