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    Question by Mmm: Recommendations for gutter replacements?
    I need to replace my gutter system and I am looking for recommendations. I know that I want seamless gutters with some type of leaf shield. I believe I would want a larger gutter system to handle lots of rain that comes on occasion. Any recommendations or things to stay away from?
    I will have the gutters professionally installed

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    Answer by think
    are you hanging it yourself, let me know!!!!!!!!

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “Recommendations for gutter replacements?”

    1. sensible_man says:

      Go with a larger gutter such as 5″ instead of 4″. Leaf shields are expensive and you will find that leaves end up sitting on top of them and blocking the gutters.

    2. 5ladderjob says:

      You want to get 6″ gutters not 5″. 5″ is the smaller size.

      For a leaf shield we use EZ Lock Gutter Screen. The leaves will not stay on top and clog the gutters. But if you have maple trees (the ones that shed the helicopters) or pine trees around they will not keep them out. In that case I would recommend Leaf Shelter. Or if you want the best you can get Leaf Relief. They have a lifetime guarantee. It’s expensive though.

      I would stay away from any kind of gutter helmet. They are really expensive and rarely work like they’re supposed to.

      Good luck. And if by any chance you live south of Indianapolis call us. Indiana Seamless Guttering

    3. Noman says:

      Hi, i can recommend you a site, i have used them and found there services amazing, you can call them for a free estimate of the cost, they provide all type of installation services.

      Here is the site http://www.asggutter.com/

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