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    Question by : Rain Water Harvesting?
    How do I do rain Water harvesting? I live in California, and life is too busy for me, could anyone give me some tips on Rain Water harvesting in urban?

    Best answer:

    Answer by imatiler
    Check out ‘DIY Water Tanks’ ‘Handy Tanks’

    The manufacturer is in Canada and they sell these in Australia for $ 150 each. They are perfect for the DIY, with very little knowledge needed to get them set up. The links below will show you how to set it up and where to get them. Here in Australia a 5000litre tank costs about $ 900 plus installation. The Handy Tanks are $ 150 for a 1000litre tank. So 5 tanks to get 5000litres would only cost $ 750.
    They are also portable and well made.

    Hope this helps.

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    rain gutter
    Image by elycefeliz
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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    7 Responses to “Rain Water Harvesting?”

    1. FREYA says:

      A very informative website, kindly stay a minute in website and check

    2. Rustskipper says:

      Hey Algernon,

      You can do this in many ways, but one of the cheapest is to buy a rain barrel that attaches to your home rain gutters. The barrel(s) can have hose attachments near the bottom. So, when it rains the gutters empty into your barrel, then when you need water, you use the hose. Very simple, Under $ 200 to start.

      If you are building a home, you can put a systern system into the ground that collects all of your rain gutters water, and pumps it on demand.

    3. Mathew W says:

      Its pretty simple.

      Get barrels, put them under your downspouts. You want to elevate them as much as possible, so the water flows out by gravity.

      If you want to harvest a significant amount of water, barrels won’t be enough- you could start looking at intermediate bulk containers (IBC) they are 275 gallons, should cost less that $ 200.

      You can try to keep mosquitoes out with screens, but I use mosquito dunks- they find any tiny hole in the screens.

    4. BeWaterWise Rep says:

      Rain water harvesting is definitely a good way to save water. But it requires an initial investment. Here are some alternative ways to save water at home – http://www.bewaterwise.com/tips01.html . These tips are both easy to implement and inexpensive. Also, they save gallons of water every day. Today when fresh water level in Southern California has dropped alarmingly, the need to conserve water is gaining importance. So, please check out these tips and pass it on to fellow Southern Californians.

    5. no answers 2 says:

      Sweet Will… love the textures in your pic.

    6. gareth1953 the original says:

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      Truly worthy of this group. absolute Poetry.
      Will be sad to see this one go now you have more than 25 hits.

    7. rcook_isv says:

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