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    Question by Misa M: Making a rain barrel and leaving my gutters alone?
    I have a rain barrel (made from 2 containers that were used for olives) and I’m trying to figure out how to funnel the rainwater into the barrel without disturbing my house’s existing gutter system. I really don’t want to put holes into anything. Any suggestions?

    Best answer:

    Answer by B Anne
    If you have a spot to put the rain barrel where it will be downhill from the downspout, you can get a piece of black flexible pipe with a coupler into the end of the downspout. Then put the open end of the pipe on top of the rainbarrel. If you don’t have enough slope so that gravity will work for you then I think you are going to have to cut the downspout.

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “Making a rain barrel and leaving my gutters alone?”

    1. butwhatdoIknow says:

      You are going to have to disassemble one downspout by cutting it above the barrel. You can always buy a short piece of downspout with a crimped end and screw it on after you finished playing with the rainbarrel idea. It will be as good as new.

    2. ran says:

      If you go to Lowes or Home Depot in the gutter section you will find expandable plastic gutter extensions in white, green and brown that come in several sizes. They bend and have an accordion type construction that allows you to pull them out longer if you need to. They should do the trick. Good luck.

    3. cheezy says:

      my hub cut the downspouts then put an elbow piece so they end just above the barrels–we have 3 barrels. for winter, when he puts the barrels away, we remove the elbows & replace the bottoms of the downspouts–doesn’t take much time or effort

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