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    Question by veterinarymom: I live in PA and it is the middle of winter. Had new rain gutters installed over the summer and ice is….?
    the ice is overflowing. I have icicles and also in my bedroom where my windows are not yet framed, water is coming in on top of the window. My neighbors don’t have this problem. Why do I? Water and ice are running down the siding too. Anything I can do to prevent this next winter?

    Best answer:

    Answer by casey s
    You have ice dams in your gutters and what sounds like a lot of heat escaping and creating running water.

    What causes a lot of ice dams in gutters is that when the sun comes out a bit on your dark roof shingles it heats up melts the ice snow and fills the frozen and backed up gutter with water which then promptly freezes when sun goes down. This can sometimes get up under the shingles causing lots of damage.

    Also badly insulated attics and exterior walls can let enough heat escape to actuall cause a huge amount of ice to form on roof edges and other places.

    Properly insulating and sealing your house should help with this make sure you check that your eaves are well ventilated and sealed off from attic heated areas of house.

    As for gutter ice dams if your roof is new you should have an ice and water membrane which was installed before the shingles this will remove chance of damage to roof sheathing . The rest of ice and icicles are a sad part of winter.

    if your house is well buttoned up well maintained and well insulated the reat is normal.

    Break off a few icicles and mix yourself a screwdriver!

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    One Response to “I live in PA and it is the middle of winter. Had new rain gutters installed over the summer and ice is….?”

    1. DUDE!!! says:

      your down spouting is probably clogged. spouting should be kept cleaned through the year especially if you have any trees around the house. i run a water down my down spouting to flush them out. however you can get th ice out of your spouting . this can still happen even if you keep your spouting clean if it snows hard and turns real cold.. i took a 1 inch wood bit and a cordless drill and drilled holes in the ice this breaks the ice up and you can remove it in pieces. you must be very very careful that you dont drill down into the spouting. i cut the drill bit down to 1| and one half inches long. it will work.good luck.

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