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    Question by ColdDuck: How to install rain gutter. (my first time)?
    What I should be aware of?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Charlie F
    Higher a gutter company to do the job. They can install seamless gutters for less then you can buy all the parts youself. It isn’t the safest job for a home owner to tackle either.

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    rain gutter
    Image by velacreations

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    One Response to “How to install rain gutter. (my first time)?”

    1. rjs says:

      ain’t too bad a job if you have a helper…get your ten foot sections and assemble them on the ground to the proper length. and use a seam sealer on the joints…drill pilot holes for the spike and ferrules every 2 feet or 32 inches, depending on where the studs are…raise it to the roof and make sure you have a slope of 1 inch per ten foot of length towards the end where you have the downspout part attached…hammer the spike thru the ferrule into each stud to attach it to the house or garage…

      most building centers (home depot,et al) have instruction sheets theyll hand out on request

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