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    Question by Michael: How to fix rain falling in front of gutter?
    I have a roof over a large back porch. The
    gutters hang just behind the edge of the porch. This configuration allows rain to fall past the gutters and on to the porch. Eventually the rain pools up. Is there anything I can install on top or under the gutter to force the rain put past the edge of the porch? I was thinking a piece of flashing bent at an angle secured under the gutter may help. Any ideas?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Wayne’s Works
    You could do that but it would be a little mickey mouse. The proper way would be to have a larger roof covering the porch.

    You could hang down from the front edge of the roof but before the gutters with something flat and solid. Hang it on hooks so that it could be removed after the rain is over. This would block out more of the rain from getting on your porch.

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