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    Question by lpines3: How do I stop rain dripping behind gutters from a shallow-pitched roof with no soffets?
    This summer I had my asphalt roof redone but because the tiles now end exactly at the edge of the roof, it is slightly shallower than the gutters so the rain and melting snow drip behind the gutters. The gutters are also not flat with the sides of my house but rest on dentil molding on the front and sides and spaced small wooden blocks in the back, where the rain drip is the worst. My house is a small colonial.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Delhooters
    I would say this is a faulty roofing job. There should always be a small amount of overhang to get the water to the gutter.

    A possible fix (or a permanent one if you never get this repaired) is to put aluminum flashing (4″ ?) under the shingles to bridge the gap to the gutter. Hope this helps

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    3 Responses to “How do I stop rain dripping behind gutters from a shallow-pitched roof with no soffets?”

    1. marty says:

      install some drip edge available at Lowes HomeDepot,etc

    2. John says:

      you need to put a strip of flashing under the drip edge then put the gutters under the flashing.

    3. jim says:

      I think you need drip edge. hard to believe the roofer didn’t install it Even if it is there, if it is up against the edge of the roof sheathing, water can run around the bottom of the drip edge and get behind the gutters. It works best if the drip edge is pulled away from the edge of the roof sheathing so there is a gap at the bottom. Then if the water gets to the bottom of the drip edge, it tends to drop down into the gutter better and not “wick” over to the sheathing.

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