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    Question by Leeway: Have you tried rain gutter foam or brush fillers?
    I’d appreciate opinions on the rain gutterstuff foam and/or the gutterbrush. I have screens all aroun in the gutters but I have two steep valleys where the rain just shoots right over the gutter due to the mesh screening.

    I am thinking to try either the foam or the brush in several feet of just those “L” shaped areas and leave the screens on the rest. I am concerned with ice/snow in the Wisconsin winters.

    I can also visualize the maple tree seeds getting caught in the brush style.

    I cannot find many opinions on the web. Thanks if you can offer your pros or cons on either one.

    Best answer:

    Answer by smokey
    try asking at hardware stores. they have various systems that might remedy the situation.

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    One Response to “Have you tried rain gutter foam or brush fillers?”

    1. Curley says:

      I’ve been waiting for someone to answer you because I’d like to try these on our house. The foam is wicked expensive, but seems to have been well received. I googled this stuff and folks seem to like it. I’ve got a couple of slinkies stretched out in one gutter, but the maple seeds, helicopters, do get in there. Hope someone comes along and comments. Never heard of the gutter brush, but will check on it.

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