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    Question by Answerman: Gutters – Why does it seem that as I drive South from Indiana that Gutters on houses seem to get less Popular?
    I live in Indiana. Almost every house I have ever seen in Indiana seems to have rain gutters on it. But the further I drive south Such as through Kentucky, or Tennesee, on south all the way to the Gulf Coast it seems that it is less likely that I will see that houses have gutters installed.
    The question is: Can you think of any Actual reason why these houses, neighborhoods, communities, etc do NOT have Rain gutters Installed?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Sophie B
    They aren’t required probably.. where I live it is code…..

    It may have to do with soil type, and runoff as well.. where I live the soil is clay and holds water, 100 miles south of here, the soil is sandy, and doesn’t hold water…..

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    A Bit Harry Potter Like, Perhaps?
    rain gutter
    Image by pni

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    6 Responses to “Gutters – Why does it seem that as I drive South from Indiana that Gutters on houses seem to get less Popular?”

    1. sensible_man says:

      Soil conditions. I lived in Ohio and could not have gotten by without gutters and downspouts to protect my foundation. In the South, we have lots of clay soil and if it is pitched away from the house, rain doesn’t penetrate it and runs away from the house.

    2. Susi C says:

      We are in Florida. When we built our home, we had gutters all around. We removed them after the second year.

      Florida gets extremely heavy rains. When that happens, gutters are worthless because the water shoots right over them. In addition, gutters collect debris (even with gutter guards) which harbors roaches.

    3. fages says:

      totally haha

    4. pni says:

      [http://www.flickr.com/photos/fages] 🙂

    5. Paarma says:

      Sure is!

    6. pni says:

      [http://www.flickr.com/photos/paarma] But what is it that makes it so?

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