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    Question by Lea: Gutter Screens or a product like rain flow?
    What works better, gutter screens or a product that you put down in the gutter like rain flow?

    Best answer:

    Answer by sensible_man
    Gutter screens are made to prevent leaves from getting in the gutter and slowing flow. If the gutters are properly pitched towards the down spout, nothing else should be needed.

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    Melting – 95/365
    rain gutter
    Image by morberg

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    5 Responses to “Gutter Screens or a product like rain flow?”

    1. JCac215 says:

      Cool shot.

    2. patchworkbunny says:

      It’s odd how perception works when the photo is in thumbnail size… I thought it was pavement and a building with columns casting shadows!

      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "365 Community". (?)

    3. suz or sooze says:

      cool perspective. are you on the roof or looking through a window?

    4. morberg says:

      It is taken outside, but on a patio next to the roof. So no climbing required.

    5. SophieG* says:

      Really like the lines and perspective in here. Very simple tonal range but really effective.

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