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    Question by Biggy17620: Gutter question?
    I am looking into gutters for a house of mine. The question i have is at the very end of the truss it is angled, there really isnt a flat piece, like say a 2×6 to mount the gutter on, is there a way that is used, or am i going to have to cut the trus a bit an angle it back.
    the roof looks like this /_ can it be installed like that or will i have to cut it back to look like this


    Best answer:

    Answer by pumpdatiron
    There are special brackets to “bump” the gutter out level. They can be purchased or fabricated by the installer.

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    rain gutter
    Image by nothing to hide

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “Gutter question?”

    1. Bearcat says:

      You will have to cut it back so the gutter hangs straight but the ends of the truss should have had a facia board on them

    2. James M says:

      Actually, they make a bracket for condition like yours which in fact is adjustable.

      I dont know if you bought your gutter yet, but the best gutter around is this RainTrax it is sold by Menards here in the midwest. It is lifetime heavy extruded gutter, not like the junk Lowes sells. Never leaks and installs with a hacksaw.

      You can see that adjustable bracket on that Rain Trax site too I believe, if not, I bought the adjustable bracket in the store and I have those on my barn roof to hold the gutter.

    3. normobrian says:

      Your rafter tails should look like this l/. They shoud be plumb, even if they’re exposed. If they aren’t, you can do like the other guy said and fabricate some kind of wedge to give the gutter a plumb sruface to mount to.

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