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    Question by charm: Gutter Downspout Alternatives?
    I hope I’m not asking a repetitive question– I usually only deal with the horse section of Yahoo Answers!

    I am currently building a new house over an existing basement. Because of moisture problems, I am running my gutters to drain off the front of the attached porch, instead of down to the corners of the house. This presents a problem because with my 3 foot overhang and wrought iron corner posts on the porch, I don’t really have anything to attach my downspouts to. So far my alternatives seem to be the following:

    1. Sink a post out where the downspouts need to come down, and fasten the downspouts to the post.

    2. Attach rain chains to the hole in the gutter.

    3. Fabricate a metal pole that would run up to the hole in the gutter, sink that in the ground and let that work the same as a rain chain, only with the support coming from below instead of above.

    Possible issues I’m concerned about are the use of rain chains in Northeast Indiana (Ice problems?), Freezing and thawing issues between a post in the ground and the roof line of the porch, and aesthetics of having a wooden post sitting out in front of my porch on two sides. Regardless of what I do, the runoff of the water will be into a tile, and tiled away from the house.

    Anyone have any experience with Rain Chains? Other alternative methods of getting rain from a gutter to the ground?
    Edit: David, do you live in an area that has frequent freezing or ice? The plastic sounds really interesting as a possibility.
    Edit: Real Slater. Thank you for your input. However, perhaps you are unaware that my ‘idiot’ response was due to the fact that plastic does not ‘stick’ ice the way that copper does. It may in fact be a very good alternative in the northern climate where I live. Perhaps you missed the fact that I am looking for alternatives that don’t hold ice. Best wishes. So sorry you couldn’t bring yourself to answer. 🙂

    Best answer:

    Answer by daviddually01
    I have had some experience with Rain Chains, my neighbor and i used plastic chain versus the high dollar versions. They worked excellent, plus they are cheaper and lighter.

    What do you think? Answer below!

    rain gutter
    Image by tsuacctnt

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    4 Responses to “Gutter Downspout Alternatives?”

    1. Drewfuss says:

      I remember seeing a picture of some louver type things that went in place of gutters. instead of gathering the water and directing it down a pipe, they just caused it to be dispersed and spread out over an area instead of falling in a line at the edge of the roof. I don’t remember what they were called, but I’m sure you could google it.
      I found it! http://www.rainhandler.com/shop/gutter_comparison.php

    2. Boston Fan says:

      Install a gutter up there so the water runs off one spot. After you get a good rain, see where most of the water fell to and install an underground catch basin that is connected to an underground drainage system that you can run out from your house.

    3. adam says:

      …hmmm I would pitch the gutter where all the water would flow out of one end, ideally where it wouldnt collect and cause any problems, then after a very hard rainfall you could see exactly where the water hits and once you find that place you can visit your local home depot and purchase about 3 12″ x 12″ stepping stones (round or square) and stack them exactly where the water coming down from the gutter left a hole, now when the water falls out the end it will hit the stones and just disperse… I hope this helps you out (You also could let the water drain out of a hole in the gutter over a hedge bush or similar leafy plant , which will also disperse the water)

    4. REAL SLATER says:

      i was going to answer your question untill i saw you show a great interest in plastic!?! made you look like an idiot. you’d benefit much more from “horse sense”! the only rain chains i’ve ever installed were copper. plastic instead!?!? cmon! use your noggin!

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