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    Question by Renay: Do i need gutters on my Dallas area house?
    I just bought an older remodeled home and either the house didnt have gutters or they took them down when they repainted the exterior of the home….I live in the DFW area and we have hellacious hot summers here and most of the summer is a drought due to the lack of rain but here in the DFW area we have to keep our foundations watered so they dont crack(this is what i am told)…We are also on a big time water restriction due to the lack of rain here over the last year…i dont know what to do..Im confused..wouldnt the fact that i dont have gutters keep the foundation wet??So what do they do and are they really necessary…
    Please Help!!

    Best answer:

    Answer by Bobby
    No u dont need them id it dont rain DUH

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    Yellow line
    rain gutter
    Image by GillyWalker
    One of the images in my final selection for Assignment 3 Landscape – Eight images on a theme

    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    5 Responses to “Do i need gutters on my Dallas area house?”

    1. EvilWoman0913 says:

      Gutters basically redirect the water that runs off the roof when it’s raining to wherever you choose for it to run. I’ve lived most of my life in the DFW area and lived in houses with and without gutters. The nice thing about having gutters is you don’t get quite as wet when leaving or entering the house when it’s raining. The gutters don’t really have much, if anything to do with keeping the foundation wet in the Texas heat. You need soaker hoses to keep the foundation moist whether you have gutters or not. Personally, I wouldn’t spend the money on gutters unless the water running off the roof when it does rain is washing away the soil around the foundation. If that’s the case, you definitely need to either invest in gutters or some other means of keeping the soil at an acceptable level around the foundation. Either way, you need to keep an eye on the soil level and moisture around the house and replenish it when necessary. If you live in a hilly area or on a slope you need to pay constant attention to the soil around the foundation even if you have gutters. Good luck with your new house and the upcoming hot weather (I’m living near San Antonio now and it’s already too hot for me here!).

    2. XTX says:

      === rain gutters are used to channel the water away from the gardens … I think they are useful and do serve that purpose …. dry in the DFW area could change tomorrow …. if you do not want that extensive expense you should at least install gutters above the front door entry and the backdoor and the garage and driveway …. it has worked well that way for me ….

    3. Judy... B says:

      I like this Gilly.
      The tones , textures , & composition make an eye-catching image capturing the unseen beauty of something we might otherwise simply overlook .

    4. Shaun-in-Munich says:

      Just came across this, really like the colours and the compostion

    5. GillyWalker says:

      Thanks to you both; it’s amazing what you can find on a grey, rainy, UK day if you make yourself look hard enough.

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