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    Question by BS9999: Are rain-gutters suppose to run totally horizontal or slanted upward to allow water to flow downward?
    A contractor came and installed new gutters and noticed that they were not running parallel to the ground but rather are slanted in strange way….here are pictures at either end of the gutter:

    Start of Gutter : http://hidebehind.com/DEC520
    End of Gutter: http://hidebehind.com/A76DB3

    My thinking is that maybe the contractor did this as a way where the water flows downward towards their downspouts …. did the contractor install them correctly??…from what i notice on other peoples homes, rain gutters always run horizontal and have no slant to them in anyway…so any excess water just flows down the downspouts…by being slanted it allows for water to flow more quickly to the downspout but it looks awful and i personally think i just got ripped off because gutters should not look this way on homes…PLEASE HELP!!

    Best answer:

    Answer by kerdog
    I would think there needs to be some ‘pitch’ to the overall run of the gutter, so it will drain to the downspout. Is it possible the previous contractor got carried away……..and put too much pitch in the run?

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    3 Responses to “Are rain-gutters suppose to run totally horizontal or slanted upward to allow water to flow downward?”

    1. Justin W says:

      Depends on what your criteria is. If you want the rain to sit there and get moldy then make it completely horizontal. If you want the rain gutter to drain the water out then slant one side upward.

    2. johnykay says:

      You have to pitch the gutters so all the water flows to the downspout-if not pitched you would have standing water in the gutter.

    3. Mary G says:

      It’s exactly right… just the way it is…

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