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    Question by Judy: Are rain gutters really necessary?
    It seems to me that rain gutters are the real cause of ice dams on the eaves of my house. I think the ice dams will ruin the shingles and then I’ll have to have a new roof. If I have to have a new roof then I will leave off the rain gutters and then I won’t have ice dams ruining my shingles.

    Best answer:

    Answer by chris
    Gutters do 2 things, they keep large anmounts of water away from the foundation and the help prevent the formation of hanging ice that can injure people. Most people don’t know that Gargoils wher originaly part of this system. Before downspouts, they would be placed at the corners of the building and the water from the gutters would be expelled away from the building though thier mouths.

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    cam on roof
    rain gutter
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    we were caught by this cam while sitting in a café and having our breakfast

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    5 Responses to “Are rain gutters really necessary?”

    1. Joseph Mattucci says:

      All the “heavy rain” water will hit the ground next to house, and at best only splash mud/dirt onto the walls. At worst the water will drain along the foundation and cause water problems in the basement.

    2. eharri3 says:

      It isn’t just rain water that gutters protect you from. Rain water by itself doesn’t do much damage. The real damage is done by rain water cascading off the roof and pounding the foundation and the area right next to it. Thousands of gallons of water cascades off the side of your roof during the course of a heavy rain storm. Without gutters and downspouts to carry it away to areas where it does less damage, it can cause foundation leaks and erosion to the areas underneath it. It can saturate the soil and work its way into your foundation, causing damage to masonry walls and flooding basements and crawl spaces.

      If you are in an area that gets heavy rain you need them. Just brush snow off your roof and make sure your roof is ventilated and your attic insulated and Ice dams won’t be a big deal.

    3. Stanford says:

      Read what http://www.rainhandle.com has to say or cal1-800-942-3004. Remember with al types of run of, make sure all water is diverted and slopped AWAY from the house

    4. Enoch says:

      Gutters are so cool, If you dont like them, get a splash gaurd. A piece of material used to keep rainfall from diggin up the ground around your house. Im partial to gutter just because I collect rain water and its so awesome to have free water for plants, sprinkler systems, watering animals. Plus I hate getting excess amounts of water falling on me when I walk out my door.

    5. Bappy says:

      Rain gutters is useful for roof because is protect heavy fall of rain and ice.It much protect foundation leaks that damage your roof. When snow fall in winter it harmful for people it protect rain gutters. It looks more beautiful the roof. So it necessary I think.

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