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    Question by Adf A: Are extra-wide (7-inch) gutters available for cheap?
    I would like wider gutters than normal to collect more rain but I don’t want them taller than average… I don’t want them to be giant glaring features on the house- are 7 inch (maybe 4 or 5 inches on the bottom) gutters available without expensive custom ordering?

    Best answer:

    Answer by STEVE G 66
    Try secondhand yards they sometimes have that style from old wrecked homes that style to buy is expensive, and how, or check with roof suppliers in your area

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    Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

    2 Responses to “Are extra-wide (7-inch) gutters available for cheap?”

    1. *** says:

      A wider gutter isnt going to catch more rain, its just going to have more area for the rain to go, and may actually slow down the draining process to the downspouts.

    2. marys.momma says:

      Check around with the gutter suppliers in your area. One possibility is to have them use a neutral color, or one matching your roof or siding, to make the gutters less conspicuous. I think there’s a special house paint that adheres well to aluminum gutters, as well.

      We purchased a special kind of gutter which has an integral roof over the top. This top curves down in such a way that leaves and other debris slide right off, while the water clings to the curve by capillary action and then falls inside the gutter. The aluminum sheet metal to make these comes in wider coils than ordinary gutter material.

      This suggests that material to make wider gutters like you have in mind would be available, so wider dies to shape it might be available also.

      Try some Google.com searches to see what’s out there. Maybe they’ll even lead you to a local dealer.

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