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    Question by Jack Hammer: Anyone know how much leavesout gutter guards cost?
    I received an estimate of $ 9 per foot installed. I was wondering how much the guards themselves cost per foot and how much was labor. Also anyone have this type of guard and are you happy with it or do you think it is a waste of money?

    Best answer:

    Answer by TexasWitch
    My brother put hardware cloth over our gutters and bent it so that the leaves could get in the gutters.
    If you don’t know what hardware cloth is, it’s a type of mesh-like screen. Sometimes they use it on small animal cages.

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    rain gutter
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    I just got up, I was wearing scruffy clothes, but upon request I have posted a pic of myself here. Enjoy?

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    5 Responses to “Anyone know how much leavesout gutter guards cost?”

    1. B C says:

      Home Depot & Lowes sell 3 ft sections of vinyl gutter guard for
      $ 2-$ 2.50. They come in brown or white and can be found in the aisles or rain gutter materials. Installs in an instant

      Here’s a review of gutter guards in general.

      My opinion is that the industry is along the same lines as vinyl siding; every Tom, Dick & Harry can buy a franchise [and do]

      I’ve had good luck with what I recommended.
      I also use one of those extending wand”gutter sprayers” [that attach to the hose] a couple of times each year just to whisk away the roof gravel and dirt that can find it’s way through anything.

      Good Luck.

    2. judy_derr38565 says:

      Go to Lowes and buy it, we put it on our gutters a couple of years ago and it is great, keeps all the leaves out and the pine needles and it is easy to install…

    3. sammyjk1 says:

      That is a rip off. You can buy them at Lowe’s for about a dollar a piece. 3 foot long. They are plastic and one side slides under your roof shingles and the other snaps over the front lip of the spouting. Measure the length around your house and divide by three to get the number of pieces you need. Remember each piece is 3 foot long.
      Good luck.

    4. Super Fl6 says:

      ill sell them to u 4 free

    5. tex - just tex says:

      I like it scruffy is good… I would like to also hear about your bracelet

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